Wednesday, January 25, 2017


it's a blog post I'll write about china and the fall of the west that no more cares about SEATO. In the meantime, a placeholder for something that will show up, eventually, when my finger tips heal. It is very painful to type with stab wounds all over the finger tips of even just the left hand.


OldAFSarge said...

SEATO? Is that still a thing? (Said the man with a great interest in all things Asian and who has a great deal of distrust towards the illegitimate mandarins in Beijing.)

Ron Snyder said...

Not one of China's neighbors can influence her unless she allows them to. At least NATO (really Germany or the U.S.) could make any Russian attempts to engage in European military action very costly.

Russia has to worry about the economy knowing that if it gets much worse a mass uprising is possible- I've not read of anything to indicate that China has that concern.

HMS Defiant said...

SEATO is quite dead although I'm sure there are still countless ambassadors and representatives still sucking on the dead teat.

HMS Defiant said...

I agree with you about China and her neighbors but I take issue with the idea that NATO could in any way stop Russia if she decided one evening to take back Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. They'd be swallowed in a single night and then NATO would be looking at the cost of reversing a done deal and decide that it wasn't worth the cost.
As I've said for years, if you want to stay free, you better arm yourself. Applied to nation/states that means get a nuclear arsenal of your own.