Friday, September 13, 2013


So the question was, what are we going to do to all the religious, hysteric, government and authority hating zealots created by Persia? Because another option would be to deport them. Does anyone on earth want them?

We have very much the same thing going on right now in the United States. Some people lament that so many Americans are locked up in jail, many with no hope for release because their crimes were so vicious and unacceptable. Yet every single person in jail in America had the same opportunities to get ahead in America that all the rest of us had to get ahead but the ones in jail chose violence, mayhem and death. There's room for a little of that but I'm now talking about a problem in society that we all know about and CANT find a solution for.

What do you do with people that opt out of civilized society? What happens to society that finds it has run out money to keep such people locked away from society and is forced to turn them loose again after spending years in jail where they learned nothing and forgot nothing?


Anne Bonney said...

Send them to Austr.....? No, no, no, bad, no.

HMS Defiant said...

I'm thinking the big island in Hawaii. Tropical paradise, plenty of lebensraum for the little fellers and still a tropical paradise. Who could complain?