Thursday, September 26, 2013


I was reading tonight and ran across an interesting article on the modifier, moderate. I often wondered how the government and its spokespeople could use such a harmless word to describe muslims and then I suddenly realized something. These people are also routinely using the word 'moderate' to describe the PLO.

You remember the PLO right? American and European politicians and media constantly urge Israel to negotiate with the moderate leaders of the moderate Palestinians who are the PLO and fatah.

I guess they are not being at all deceptive now when they tell us with a straight face that 'moderate muslims' don't condone all these attacks on us. I think 'condone' is too mild a word. I think they should use the words, 'openly celebrate.' The State Department reckons they've achieved something glorious by teaching the Palestinians to stop getting caught on film capering and dancing in the streets every time some moderate muslims kills yet another batch of unarmed infidels.
Anti-civilization forces win again

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