Monday, September 23, 2013


Sadly, there has been another case of muslims being muslim. This time they have struck in Kenya and they give new meaning to America's favorite wartime pastime. You know the Army's old saying, "we went to war and the rest of America went shopping." This sort of thing isn't really something that you expect when shopping in a place like Nairobi. They are, however, at war with the muslims and they know it. They just didn't think the muslims could reach out and touch them back.
Are the chattering class bleating about how Kenya needs to confiscate all the guns? Are they blaming the massacre on the easy availability of machine guns in Kenya and the Horn of Africa? Are they suggesting that somebody over there ought to do something and pass a law banning assault weapons? Are they being as appallingly stupid about this tragedy as they are about every other tragedy in the United States?


Anne Bonney said...

Wow - that is an interesting perspective - and I often have to look things up when I read your blog.

HMS Defiant said...

We like to see ourselves as time hijackers! Pirates of the fleeting minute!