Saturday, September 14, 2013


What possible reason could we have for a consulate in Herat? According to the the same morons who had a consulate in Benghazi the purpose of U.S. Embassies and consulates are:
Besides the more obvious functions of issuing visas and assisting American citizens abroad, Embassy and consulate staff interact with host governments, local business and nongovernmental organizations, the media and educational institutions, and private citizens to create positive responses to U.S. policy and the U.S. in general. Mission staff report on political and economic issues that affect bilateral relations and possibly impact the U.S. directly, help U.S. businesses to find partners and customers, and sponsor American scientists, scholars, and artists to promote professional, educational and cultural exchanges.
I think at this time it's pretty clear that the only Americans who deserve any particular concern from the fools of Foggy Bottom are the military, their contractors and...hold on. Just give me a few hours to think of why any other American has any business in Afghanistan or Libya for that matter.  There isn't anything there except vicious murdering tribesmen and their guns and animals and chattels.

I doubt any recall that back before 9/11, the Taliban government running most of Afghanistan, arrested a small number of incredibly stupid religious zealots who had deliberately traveled to Kabul in order to spread the gospel and convert the muslims to christianity. Imagine the devastating stupidity and callous disregard for human life that would send people who knew exactly what would happen to them when caught by the government of Afghanistan, off to the Taliban's country to convert muslims. All muslims EVERYWHERE agree that apostasy has but one penalty, Death. Those missionary zealots wanted to make that happen to innocent people.

Those murderous morons fully anticipated that the US Embassy would intercede on their behalf, oh, and God of course. You know who rescued these vicious killer twits? The Northern Alliance. Mysterious ways.

So again, if there are no loose Americans roaming around in the country and nobody needs visas or assistance in the hinterlands and the local business is making bombs for the Taliban and the NGOs are noticeable for their absence after their headquarters was blown to pieces many years ago and there really aren't all that many educational institutions, why do we have these pointless Fort Zinderneufs scattered all over the Badlands of islam? It's pretty clear from the bombings at our consulates in Benghazi and Herat that they aren't serving as secret hideouts for SPECWAR and they can't exist solely as Blackholes where the State Department shoves those who displease the Pontifex Maximus in Foggy Bottom. Nope. There has to be another reason for sticking these things out there in the wasteland.

They're responsible for supervising the distribution of hundreds of millions of dollars of aid sent to win the hearts and mines of the Taliban and the salafists and jihadis and moderate muslims. Of course, I repeat myself. For all that our money and aid earn us we could just overfly the places in a C-130 once a month and kick out a few bales of cash.


virgil xenophon said...

Reminds me of Vietnam where someone estimated we were spending somewhat north of a million per ea dead VC, We immediately concluded that we might as well eliminate the middle-man (us) by mailing them all a check for a million bucks, make them all instant capitalists, call it a day and go home..

Anne Bonney said...

Just because you are a cynic does not mean you are not right.

HMS Defiant said...

My old man sent me some great pictures of what the Vietnamese did with a hell of a lot of external drop tanks they found littering the landscape. They turned thousands of them into Aluminum Panga boats. The price paid for that aerial delivery of aerial canoes was astronomical.
I'm with you. Cut them a check and let them go. I think this was when "The Mouse That Roared" was written.

HMS Defiant said...

hmm. Cynic switch to off. :)