Friday, September 27, 2013


I believe in reading widely so I am linking a couple of articles from Arab News. The articles deal with the 1948 war from a unique perspective and also with the current flux of much of the Arab world as they scramble out of their own countries and seek refugee status elsewhere in the Arab world.

That's worth keeping in mind. The refugees are now fleeing from all of the countries that refused, point blank, to provide aid and comfort to the Palestinians who fled the 1948 War. The same countries that have treated the Palestinians like dogs for 65 years. Admittedly, the Jordanians are staying home but they were the only country in the Middle East to play host to the Palestinians and it was the Palestinian's actions there that taught the rest of the world to be wary of accepting any Palestinians as citizens. Nothing they have done since Black September, has endeared them to anybody in the rest of the Middle East.

I honestly think you will find the links intersting and they are not very long articles.

From not quite one year ago today: arab spring and israeli enemy

From this week, a quick look at the real enemy: The Arabs

The author of these articles and a number of other fine articles is: Abdulateef Al-Mulhim.
Abdulateef Al-Mulhim writes essays and op-eds that appear in regularly in Arab News, the SUSRISblog and elsewhere. He is retired from the Royal Saudi Navy at the rank of Commodore.  Al-Mulhim served extensively in the United States, including attendance at the Maritime College of the State University of New York.  He is based in Alkhobar and can be contacted at:
A single refugee camp of 160,000 in Jordan: A refugee camp for Syrians is now Jordan's 5th largest city


The Chief said...

The so-called Palestinians are considered the lowest class in the Arab world (and that's about as low class as the world offers) and rightly so. They are the dregs of a general culture lacking any redeeming societal qualities and contribute absolutely nothing of value and have not done so in the past 800-1000 years. They don't even rightly deserve the term "Palestinian" which would imply a historical heritage of the area.

The Chief said...

PS: What is now Israel was largely vacant, untended land and unoccupied until the Jews returned and made the area a comparative paradise. The few Arabs occupying land at the time were offered inclusion in the land and refused it. Most are squatters and have no real claim to nationhood separate of Israel.

OldAFSarge said...

A couple of interesting articles there Cap'n. Good reading from a different perspective. Thanks for those links.

Buck said...

I think Commodore Al-Mulhim puts himself in considerable danger by writing what he does. But I'm glad he has the courage to speak out.

HMS Defiant said...

How the mighty are fallen. At one time, the Palestinian Arabs produced many of the doctors and engineers of the arab world. That was still true even after 1973 but the vast bulk of the people making up the territories followed Arafat and adopted the terrorism and used it against literally everybody which saw them kicked out of Lebanon, Jordan, Libya, Yemen, Egypt and Kuwait. They just don't get it.

HMS Defiant said...

There were a number of other fascinating links at Arab News to follow.

HMS Defiant said...

Yep, I think so too. I think he's counting on the civilizing influence of his readers being able to read English and hoping that nobody translates the articles into arabic.