Friday, September 6, 2013


In June of this inst, orcs closed the marina at NTC. The pier that hosted mighty warships fell down for the last time and was removed some time ago. One would never know that this was the home port of a pair of ships. [OK, that was actually down the road 1200 feet and in front of the Admiral Kidd Officers Club] One lucky and plucky, and one constantly in a state of misery and despair. One that sort of slipped a donut under the pier one night and awoke to find that a 5 foot range of tide and a donut raise the bejesus out of a solid float trapped under the pier, wrecking and bringing ruination to said pier. The whole entire duty section {9 of us} stood by that Sunday morning with hammers and attitude and a nice bit of plywood waiting for the tide to ebb and let us conceal the evidence.

Here were sailboats any fool could borrow and use to learn to master wind and wave with an appreciation for just how a real sailor can come along-side in a shifting current and indifferent wind. (They also had outboard motors for the aviators).
All that remains of the marina at the NTC and ASW base
I had hoped to take my pirate for a sail.

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