Monday, September 2, 2013


The perfect end to this police boat attack farce will be the owner of the sunken vessel getting a citation and cleanup bill from the government and city agencies involved for hazarding a police boat and spilling oil and possible chemical/bio hazardous waste into the river. I find these things a little amusing but not too amusing. Last week I was sailing and canoeing that same river a half mile away from where this idiot gratuitously lunged out of the water to smash boats.

Think about this though

if you fell overboard and needed someone to come over and help you out of the water, is this the guy you'd want to motor over you and offer assistance? 

Why yes, I did leave out a word.
 * updated. the first film seems to be held by the NSA and won't run. So I added another and another that started with the same search term.  The question remains. Do we really want any help at all from these guys?

Piling on an earlier post. These guys are the modern highwaymen. Why do we pay them?


Buck said...

Amazing. Why isn't the cop in the second vid drawing unemployment as we speak?

HMS Defiant said...

He is an emperor temporarily serving as a 'man of the law' in a public sector union that does not allow for any of its members to be sanctioned or fired.