Monday, June 10, 2013


The whole entire NSA is spying on us thing is cause for alarm. I was initially curious about why they would do it so blatantly and think that mere secrecy was going to keep one of our summer patriots from bleating the news far and wide but I think I've figured it out now. The Force say they use the powers of evil to spy on our enemies. OK. Initially, I wondered what effect this had on our enemies but then it occurred to me, those drones don't just fly over those muslim terrorists all over the world based on nothing. Nope. They got good solid intelligence on those dirtbags and the drones are sort of a polite note asking them to cease to exist.

Fine. Got that. But consider. We used to have a tool called Human Intelligence that made up part of the equation in finding and bending, folding and spindling our enemies. How would you like to be the asset on the ground in muslimbackwardistan feeding good solid intelligence to the Force when they have guys in suits in air conditioned suites in Fort Meade  and Langley who can get the same intelligence you got at the risk of your life, just from listening to Achmed talking to his mom on the cell phone?

Yep. You'll know that the NSA and CIA are bearing the costs of the sequestration when you get downsized into itty bitty chunks alongside your muslim informants by a drone strike.

Some day I'll post my rules distilled from years with the military bureaucracy but for now it's enough to share the first rule.

I wouldn't trust those NSA or CIA weasels any further than the blast radius of Hellfire. Trust no one.


Anne Bonney said...

The sorry thing is that it does not matter if you trust them or not. From a purely paranoid point of perception (yes, I worked on the alliteration) drones don't care.

Buck said...

Trust no one.

Good advice.

HMS Defiant said...

Rule number 1.