Thursday, June 13, 2013


Some days I wonder if the people that dreamed up the Liberator pistol were really on to something. There are any number of fascists out there that need a good shooting.


  1. What an interesting historical footnote. I would love to see one - and the instructions.

  2. I seem to recall watching something either on The Military Channel or Discovery (or History... ONE of those) that contradicts the Wiki article. According to what I saw the French resistance made good use of the Liberator, using female members to lure unsuspecting Germans into compromising positions and then another resistance member would shoot them at close range, as intended. One or the other of these vignettes is wrong.

  3. I suspect that anyone with one of these would use it once to upgrade to German firearms of higher quality and with an assured ammo supply. Anti-fascism as a contact sport.

    I think there are some examples of these described as being in museums in France. I wonder if they have any at the Special Ops museum...