Tuesday, June 11, 2013


In an amazing scoop, Islets News Service (INS), has found that the entire story pitched by Glenn Greenwald and the Guardian about NSA domestic surveillance, is a complete fabrication. While the NSA does, in fact, spy on every single form of electronic communication known to man, it doesn't call it PRISM and it never employed Mr. Snowden.

Attorney General Holder raises fist to the sky and screams, "No Justice!" Vows to finally get to the bottom of the Vince Foster case and not hesitate to share the gory details. Claims it has nothing to do with Hillary, who, after all, was a New Zealand bee keeper famous for something or other.

In some place detached from reality, militarists in the Pentagon are pondering how to keep 13,000 American troops in Afghanistan after the pullout. The plan is for them to do something to earn their pay and they should suffer greatly for the pleasure of it. Suggestions that they patrol the border were met with howls of protest from Ottawa. We're not sure if they meant that border or the one with Iran or Pakistan.

The palace sent along a picture of His Excellency carrying his own damned umbrella. It was half open and carried below the waist. Our correspondent suspects H.E .الفائز  doesn't know how to carry a brolly in the rain.

 ROTC graduates were commissioned in San Diego last week. When I was commissioned thirty years ago, none of us had a single medal or ribbon. I'm rather pleased that so many prior enlisted are taking the scholarship and the commission. God help us though if these twits get their way. Face it. We'd look ridiculous dressed in purple uniforms:
A little bit goes a long way:


Buck said...

Some of those ROTC graduates have more ribbons/medals than I do after 22 years. Then again, they prolly went places and did things the likes of which I never did. Good on 'em.

HMS Defiant said...

I remember when our commodore came aboard back in 1987 and told us that we were going to be the first operational mine sweeping crews in the gulf. One of the E5s who worked with me asked the burning question that was on most of the guys minds, "are we going to get any ribbons for this? I've been in the navy for 5 years and I still don't have a single ribbon!" There's a picture of me in this blog somewhere as an LT wearing blues....with all 2 of my ribbons and I'd spent a year in the Persian Gulf during the Tanker War and a couple of months sweeping mines in the Red Sea. Crusty veteran, HA!

It will be interesting to see how long they stay. ROTC is a very good deal and the payback is nothing but time and further management experience for a resume. Good for them.