Sunday, June 9, 2013


At the flag and general officer level it is all politics. There' no point in debating it. It was always that way. It took merit above and beyond to make it the first star but that's just the prelude to a long climb up the slippery slope of raw politics.

Pity the USAF who have just eviscerated themselves....with a little help from a harpy in the U.S. Senate. This tragedy was nominally about an Army 2 star in Japan who was relieved a week early   for "allegedly failing to report or properly investigate an allegation of sexual assault, the Army said Friday."

Set that poor bastard aside since this is the news and they seldom get the facts right anyway. Consider the second half of the article that addresses the Air Force office formerly run by a Lieutenant Colonel who was allegedly assaulting women and beaten up by one for his troubles. That office is now to be led by "Maj. Gen. Margaret H. Woodward, who ran the U.S. portion of the allied air campaign over Libya in 2011 and is one of the Air Force's brightest stars. A command pilot with more than 3,800 flight hours, she flew aerial refueling aircraft and commanded air operations in numerous U.S. military operations, including the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. As commander of 17th Air Force, based in Germany, she commanded the U.S. portion of the allied air campaign over Libya in 2011. Most recently she served as the Air Force's chief of safety."

What a slap in the face for a fine officer.

What was the harpy's involvement? She "remains steadfast in blocking the nomination of Air Force Lt. Gen. Susan Helms, tapped to serve as vice commander of the U.S. Space Command, over serious concerns with Helms' decision to overturn a jury conviction in a sexual assault case."

 Everybody put your hands together for our new Commissar!


Buck said...

The commissar in the picture is MUCH better looking than McCaskill. Just sayin'.

I've been watching this sexual assault CF for quite a while now and have very serious mixed emotions about it. On the one hand, sexual assault is a very serious crime that should have very serious consequences. OTOH, I've seen claims of assault to be proven false and the accuser walked away with nothing so much as a slap on the wrist. One wonders about this "epidemic." Just sayin', again.

HMS Defiant said...

I have a lot of problems with whole sexual assault wave. I don't see a major general with a nice shiny major general office and staff doing one damn thing about any of them. It's the kind of crime I'd assign a 2 day statute of limitation to though. Coming in a full year or more after the 'crime' and filing a complaint shows a lack of appreciation. IF it takes that long to decide if it was a crime, how in the world is a guy supposed to have figured it out way back then? I'm really glad I didn't have anything like this come up in the various commands I was with.

HMS Defiant said...

Oh, and I had McCaskill down for the role of harpy. I just don't like ugly all that much so no pictures of your real harpies.