Tuesday, February 6, 2024


 Did you ever think that Canada and all its harmless little fascists would ever turn into full blown nightmarish NAZIS? Yeah, me neither but what can you truly say about a country that just up and decides to liquidate their own mentally ill people? The article makes it look like they were only deterred from fully implementing their hellish plan because what’s left of the civilized world told them that they are monsters. They’ll be back. All liberals and progressives embrace and cherish the monsters among them.


Dave said...

Defiant, one article said the program was not abolished but was on hold because there weren't enough psychologists to assess the ones to be killed. Creepy for sure.

Anonymous said...

But vhat else iss one to do mit die untermenschen?
--Tennessee Budd

Old Tech said...

The irony of this is the Liberal and Democratic Socialists (the NDP) regularly display the most vile symptoms of mental illness, yet they believe all others should be put to death under the MAID system.