Tuesday, February 20, 2024


 When the secret cabal running the country realize that Biden's poll numbers conclusively demonstrate that he cannot win and more to the point, cannot be dragged across the finish line with another mad flourish of thoroughly rotten cheating and chicanery it will mean curtains for confused Joe and the nation will be asked to usher in Kamala as the new "Resident" over the still cooling corpse of Joe Biden.

The movie Dave had a happy ending. I'm pretty sure what happens after that will not be happy despite Kamala's long record of happy endings in California. 

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Dan said...

As long as they can prop Pedo Joe up for the cameras and have him read ten second sound bites that can be edited into something semicoherent he will remain as puppet in chief. He will likely be replaced by a younger more coherent puppet at the DNC convention this summer. And THAT stuffed shirt will be installed into office by their cheating machinery.