Monday, February 26, 2024


 As I read yet another broadside aimed at the alleged superior intellects running Harvard aground I find it amusing that so many of these mental pygmies are being brought low by their penchant for plagiarizing. What makes it so painful is that all these ‘leaders and bureaucrats’ seem to plagiarize work in their specialty areas of gender and race bullshit. 

The only way to find the lifted words is to read and be familiar with the full hateful spectrum of race and gender ‘professional articles’ and the dissertations of the leading lights in these bogus academic fields of endeavor. Can you say yeecccchhhh?

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Dan said...

All this plagiarism is coming to light now because of the advent of "Artificial Intelligence" programs like ChatGPT etc. These programs are excellent at sifting the web to find facts to answer questions with and do other nefarious things. In the process they can quickly compare papers written by lazy academics to the massive data that is now available and finding obvious copying.