Wednesday, February 7, 2024


 It looks like national security spokes-liar, Admiral Kirby, was challenged about the veracity of some of the myths he told and has shamefully repudiated himself based on the lies the media soaked up that refuted Kirby's mistruths. That wouldn't be newsworthy, they all lie all the time, but all of this hangs on the words of the State Department's designated liar who challenged Kirby about whether or not some thugs in Iraq were informed of our lame attacks prior to the launching of those lame attacks. When we slaughtered the general commanding the Iranian terrorist organization the world knew about it and knew exactly who he was. Now? Your guess is as good as anybody else. Was it one camel or two?

You get a sense that nothing ever changes in Washington, DC. The lame attacks on everyone in the world except Iran were launched in response to the deadly Iranian attacks on American servicemen and women stationed in utterly worthless locations in Jordan that nobody ever heard of as they were carrying out the mission of securing Jordan's land borders.

Why isn't the Army defending our border? Have you asked your Congresscritter?


Dave said...

He didn't even begin the story with the classic sailor's line- "Now this is no shit, now." The nautical equivalent of "Once upon a time."

HMS Defiant said...

I just love that he backpedaled so fast because some State department weasel said that Kirby was wrong. Is there anyone alive today that can remember anybody at all in the State Department telling the truth about anything?

Dan said...

The Military is doing EXACTLY what the criminals in power are ordering them to,do. And when the order comes down to round us all up and put us in the boxcars the Military will follow those orders also. There is NOBODY left in power with any morals, ethics or conscience. Anyone possessing those traits was purged long ago.

HMS Defiant said...

Yes we kind of saw the purge in real time when the military didn't just throw out people that wouldn't take the jab but sought ways to punish them hard for refusing in order to make an example of them. On the other hand, we all know just how easy it is to burn down a two billion dollar navy ship and I'm betting dealing with a B2 on the way out is just as easy. The Rodney King riots showed that the Marines are willing but I'm not sure about the Army.