Thursday, February 8, 2024


 Why does everyone insist on attacking Iran by launching thousands of missiles and sorties when the simplest thing would be to declare a complete embargo and close its ports and shut down its aviation outside of Iran? It would be a neat trick to simply tell the world's ship owners that we will sink every ship that touches at any Iranian port for any reason and we don't have to go within 100 miles of Iran to make that happen. Any resulting oil spills should wash up on Iranian coasts but the entire North Arabian Sea Coast is awash with crude oil already thanks to Iran's endless targeting of oil tankers in and out of the Gulf and it wouldn't take us sinking more than the first 5 or 6 before the world figured out we were serious and I'm sure a single Mk 48 torpedo is nowhere near as expensive as Tomahawk Land Attack Missiles or B1 and B2 sorties into some very capable air defenses that have had years to refine their targeting and performance since they have been extensively tested over the last 2 years in and around Ukraine.

We can publish a Notice to Airmen that informs them all that any flights originating out of any airfields in Iran will be forced down outside the country or, if necessary, shot down. We would have to actually do these things but I'm sure people will understand that killing people stupid enough to take a point blank threat to their lives if they get on a ship or plane headed out of Iran is necessary and we'll blame the World Economic Forum and that Klaus nazi because it is their fault. On the other hand, cooperative governments could simply ground the aircraft and never let it fly again after it lands in one of the many countries that would cooperate with the Biden administration and Secretary Blinken.

I think it would also help if we had laws on the books giving a medal to any driver that mows down protesters who think protesting in the street is any kind of solution to any kind of problem and of course there would be no prosecutions for adding a little clorox to the gene pool. That will be something though. Watching some road rage as the kindly and good hearted drivers refuse to mow down the fascists blocking the roads and thus preventing the willing, eager and able drivers blocked behind them left unable to paint the road red.

I don't know where Europe or China are going to get their oil though. It's not like Iran is going to let any other ships pass through the Strait of Hormuz and I don't think the GCC has built enough pipelines to carry their oil to the Mediterranean or anywhere else and even if there were I'm sure the jackals in ISIS would be happy to destroy them every bit as quickly as we destroyed the Russian pipelines that once carried Russian gas to Germany shortly before Germany de-industrialized and reverted to the peaceful bucolic and pastoral land it was right about the time the Westfälischer Friede was signed in 1648.

I'm kind of waiting for the world to blow up at this point.


Michael said...

Chaos is easy and exciting. Any destructive toddler can do it AND also Politicians, but I repeat myself.

I wonder how many soon to be destructive people INSIDE America right now will turn our soft target Walmart's, Churches, Grocery Stores and various high value items of Civilization (like the Power Grid, water systems and sewage into useless scrap.

Scrap that sadly due to Off Shoring to CHINA we cannot get replacement parts for easily nor cheaply.

NOBODY starts a War they Planned to Lose.

And mere peasants, errr citizens suffer the most.

Michael said...

Incomplete thought. Just how long after the grid is busted will the Gimmie Dats jump in for their "mostly peaceful but Firey" protests and Shopping Trips?

Or as that Meme goes "you going to die over that? Somebody is."

And you and I the mostly civilized, law abiding, probably getting ready to do our Taxes are going to get the brunt of the Troubles over Iran and so on.

Protect your trusted friends and trusted family. The is clearly not going to do it.

Unknown said...

My Dad was a military-age male during Hitler's rise to power. I wonder if his reaction to world news in his day was similar to mine in the present day. Slow motion train wreck that you can't stop or look away from - and which will change your life. Period. Lately, it's the slow-motion part that fascinates me. My guess is that most earth-shaking events of the past probably played out in the same kind of way. Like Hemingway - slow, slow and then all at once. We're in the slow part now and it makes me kind of wish someone would just get it done with. But maybe the tension is good for our souls? Lord have mercy!

Dan said...

Dealing with Iran would be a fairly straightforward endeavor. All it would take is the political will. That's what is and has been lacking...ever since the peanut farmer turned his belly up for the mullahs.

HMS Defiant said...

Iran has been waging last generation warfare against its ruler's enemies since they toppled the Shah. If we engage in direct combat expect them to do all those things they do in Persian Gulf, Strait of Hormuz, Red Sea and add a few other narrow straits. Plus accept that their proxie forces for murder and mayhem are already well established and ready to begin operations at a moment's notice in the United States. You wanna see how fast unregulated, uncontrolled state sponsored terrorists can take down a power grid in your neighborhood and cities? You can. It's just a matter of time. Real scary powers no longer need to buy Stealth anything or Tactical pants or any of the rest of that nonsense. They need a rifle, some marksmanship training and easy access to transormer stations out in the woods all over this country. And where did that guy come from that attacked CIA employees with a machine gun as they slowed to a stop to turn into CIA HQ in McClean?

Trumpeter said...

The facts out of Ukraine and the Middle East shows we are no longer All Hat and No Cattle. We have sunk to Alligator Mouth and Canary Bird Ass. Short of Nuclear detonations we have Absolutely Nothing that will influence the situation. Also note the World is bifurcating into a West made of America's slaves and a Free World. This is already set in stone. All we can do is speed up the process or stop speeding up the process.
Iran faced the worst ever sanctions and survived, heck they are militarily stronger. Russia had ever worse sanctions - sure to bring down Putin - and what happened? They got stronger and we got weaker!
Our military equipment is not made to win wars. It is made to guarantee profits, big profits so there will be enough kickbacks to grease all the necessary points. It is made to put jobs in selected congressional districts. It is made to have difficult maintenance and so require expensive private contractors. It is made to be high priced, low volume and high profit margins. It is made to allow high cost over runs. It has become so expensive it must be made to serve multiple roles whole never doing one well.