Sunday, September 19, 2021


There is some well founded suspicion that this is a bunch of undercover feds looking for trouble at the bogus justice rally. wouldn't it have been amusing though to get some friends to dress like these guys and attend the bogus rally sure and certain that all the LEO types would assume your're undercover feds with absolutely no hint about proper disguise and leave you alone? OTGH, you're a fed ordered to perform undercover surveillance on those Trumpians but you voted for Trump and so did the other guys that look like you in federal LE...


  1. Back in the Tea Party days, people would carry signs that pointed out infiltrators/spies/goons.
    Need to bring "FED!!" signs.

  2. Bradley and the Yacht Club brats. Check out the guy in the middle with the white walls -- a fresh haircut with white scalp on someone who usually doesn't cut their hair that close. Also notice no tats. Clean skins so they can't be ID'd from other Fed photos. Pussies. With doughy hands and soft skin.

  3. Saw a photo comparison of a bunch of guys in a gay pride parade wearing FBI t-shirts (seriously!) and this photo. Looked like the same bunch.

    Really makes you wonder what's going on with the FBI. They act more like the STASI or FSB everyday.