Tuesday, August 24, 2021


I watched Chris Wallace interview Blinkin and ask him very simply if the president was aware. Blinkin failed twice to answer the question. It suddenly reminded me of The Last Centurion by John Ringo. In that book, the protagonist is stranded behind enemy lines with an enormous arsenal that was abandoned by the US Government as it flooded back to the United States to deal with a global pandemic and "global warming". The story is good and it is surprisingly on target as it brings up the mentally deranged, idiot president who reacts by turning more and more tyrannical.

A good read for the times.


millerized said...

Also covered climate change to a point (yawn...LOL). Unless you're a scifi reader, that's his only really good book.

HMS Defiant said...

As it happens I enjoy all of his books that I have read. WRT Centurion, were you ever there yourself? Dropped in the maelstrom by an indifferent and uncaring America? I served at the pointy end in the backwaters of the place now tearing itself apart and yeah, he captures the spirit of a government gone to hell in a rather interesting manner. With light hearted humor- to be sure.

millerized said...

Long enough to get another stripe on the sleeve. That's all I needed, and the .mil put the cap on the career when I got back. And yeah, the light hearted humor comes with seeing that crap first hand.