Sunday, August 29, 2021


I've now seen it twice. Read it twice. Biden is clearly demented but the vice president is Kamala Harris and she is just about as brain dead as Biden and then the next one that comes in the failure from the top chain of command is Nancy Pelosi.

Just what did America do to deserve to get this? I see the Marines did as expected and terminated with extreme prejudice the LtCol who dared to call them on their failure to pay the price for failure on a massive scale. Everybody knew that was the only way it would play out since they really don't have any choice on the matter. They still demand loyalty up the chain even if they have long discontinued loyalty down the chain of command and Scheller knew it.

And again, what did America do to deserve general milley and the rest of the joint chiefs of incompetence? I think in the old lexicon it came about because too many people refused to care and left things to the idiots and morons who believe in fairies and that the taliban are thugs of their word and you can trust them not to kill.....

Does anyone else share the sense that civilization is about to collapse again for the umpteenth time? Worldwide collapses of civilization have been rare but they happen.

For me? The truly scary thing? I no longer care. For the first time in almost a hundred years, no family skin in the game. I was the last.

If you haven't watched this before, I find it brilliant and wonderful.


boron said...

"Just what did America do to deserve to get this?"
The people of this great country allowed a totally corrupted election process pass by afraid to embarrass themselves and their country, but the true fault lays with SCOTUS for refusing to even look at the evidence.

MSG Grumpy said...

If they don’t care enough about the dogs, or SIVs, or Americans left behind, what won’t they hesitate to do to the rest of us?

"US Contract Working Dogs Abandoned at Kabul Airport After Last Plane Left"

These people are EVIL

MSG Grumpy

HMS Defiant said...

In Bahrain in 96 we built the most amazing air conditioned kennels for our mwd. In operations in Africa our bomb sniffer dogs at entry control points were mostly shep and could not survive the heat. We rented cars for each ecp for the air conditioning solely for the dogs. The men who left them behind must have ordered to because I never knew one of k9 corps who leave his partner.