Friday, August 13, 2021


All the usual ignorant pond scum in the media and government are marveling at how quickly the rigorously trained Afghani army disappeared and how the Taliban has swept back to power in 11 provincial capitals so far this week. It's like they never understood how terror works and how those truly steeped in terror make it work for them. The Taliban is a pure terrorist organization the likes of which the IRA could only dream about. Their religion is their guiding principle and nothing stands in the way of making their new Hell on earth because they know Alla is on their side.

Well this surprises the scum that staffed the embassy there for the last 20 years and it surprised all the morons at the Council of Foreign Relations and the Brookings Institute for the feeble minded. They thought they were winning the hearts and minds and of course, training the hell out of a real army to stand up to a bunch of shiftless lazy terrorist fux. Any soldier could have told them over that same 20 year period that the Taliban was infiltrating every level of government in every province and the Army and basically running them for the Taliban. As soon as the gloves came off they quickly identified those who supported the West and killed them. Nobody talks about that or even mentions that the Taliban undoubtedly killed the believers in Western civilization in the most gruesome fashion possible (they're terrorists, remember?) and made films of it and made sure that everybody they need to has seen those films and knows what is about to happen to anybody (and their families) if they kowtow to the West.

I don't count Afghanistan as 'lost' like S. Vietnam. We never stood a chance in Afghanistan whereas we had won in Vietnam and everyone knew it....right up until the democrats in Congress forbade any funding for ammunition for the government and army of S. Vietnam. Without resupply they were doomed and knew it, at which point the army melted away.

My father wondered why I hadn't volunteered to go over. I pointed out that I had a job and was drafted nonetheless by the Navy for another 4 years but that I had no intention of offering my services to serve as leader of a provincial reconstruction team or deputy because I can't think of anything more useless than a Navy captain deep in Afghanistan or Iraq trying to build 'western civilization' in areas so wrecked by the Mongols a thousand years ago that they never recovered even the thinnest veneer of civilization in all that time and wouldn't in my lifetime if we poured $65 trillion into each country building schools, roads, power stations, etc.

The dumdums that never studied history always think alike. They think everywhere they go is just like America but less developed and they stupidly persist in thinking that everywhere they go the people there are just like the Americans that built this country. Nothing could be further from the truth and anybody who stepped into a 3rd world country or lived in one for any length of time would know it.

They are the kind of suburban idiot who believes in the justice of defunding our police. They think everyone is just like them and they cannot/refuse to conceive that 95% of muslims in the West still believe in honor killing and the death penalty for those who blaspheme muslim beliefs.

At least Trump dodged this bullet. There will likely be no inquisition into who lost Afghanistan because the people running it know already and don't want you to know. We had no business there after toppling the Taliban and putting our own dictator in place and should have left within the year of invading. We gotta find a cure for the idiots in DC and the democrat party who believe in 'nation building.' We can't get the damned Puerto Ricans to act enough like Americans to rebuild Puerto Rico and God only knows what they think they've done over the last 40 years in Haiti.

The illusions are beginning to slip away now. Our cities are in turmoil and it's only going to get worse and the people that could stop it the old fashioned way are both prevented from acting and deciding they've had enough and leaving. In a way it's very similar to what happened in Iraq and is happening in Afghanistan. The city cores are dying and nobody cares. The virus has led a lot of people to discover that they don't really have to go downtown anymore. A year or two without live theater and shows is enough to break the chain of habit of a lifetime.

I don't feel sorry for the Afghans. I miss the Lion of the North but the Taliban were careful to extinguish all hope first in the North before they turned on the rest of the Afghans. There will be no Ahmad Shah Massoud this time. The Taliban infiltrated his camp and killed him on the very eave of 9/11.

Make no mistake. Those people know who their enemy is and they will no longer be content to merely be left alone. They will bring their war and jihad to the West now and nobody is lifting a finger to prevent it.


Anonymous said...

Yes especially to your last section. It could be as bad as William Fortschen's Day of Wrath short novel.

Anonymous said...

By that I meant (should have said) not only the horrific coming terror attack, something like Beslan x10, but also Zhou Bi-Den responding to it by going after all the gun owners and making the whole country a no gun zone. (Except for bodyguards of the elite)

Carl Smith said...

You nailed this one. Nothing bodes well in this entire mess. I wonder if this is not a set up to send our SO forces into a killing zone to decimate them and weaken further the remainder of the services.

SCOTTtheBADGER said...

I doubt the Biden Administration, and the Democratic leaders in Congress, will lose any sleep over any of this. They are not good people.

virgil xenophon said...

Late here as usual. TOTALLY agree Badger.