Friday, August 27, 2021


It was sad to see them fade away. I'm talking about the cruisers and the men who commanded them. The bar stools at the Main Brace had the ships names on them so that the men who commanded the cruisers always had a place at the NAVY bar located at pier 2. Yes, back in the day a JO could step in and shoot pool and hobnob with cruiser CO's. I can close my eyes and see that not happening so much these days.

Mind you, these cruiser CO's would be most likely to say, "screw this, let's go close down a real bar with girls." And off we would go.


commoncents said...
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Blufield said...

Why are you removing opinions, swabby? I did time on the Enhance and Excel. Two tours as an OS..

HMS Defiant said...

I forget why the first comment went away. I think it didn't come through properly. I never delete comments except for spam, duplicates and garble.
When and where on Enhance?