Saturday, August 21, 2021


CNN got theirs and now they defame the imbecile they fronted. One of the best reporters wondered earlier why they changed their tune. I think I know why. Their owner just got around to putting Harris in the bag and made it real clear to her (actually, her handlers) how she now works solely for him. I wonder what names were just added to the list the SS has of people who are always granted immediate access to the throne.

Biden's days in office are numbered. He can no longer be regarded as one of Heinlein's "honest" politicians, ie, stays bought and doesnt trim the sails to get more and better bribes from the others. There simply isn't enough left of him and DR Jill isnt smart enough to see it. She thought to play Edith to President Wilson and run this country as unelected queen. That game is over and she is probably the one who destroyed 20 years of effort in an unthinking instant.

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