Tuesday, August 31, 2021


I don't know the man but I think this, in a proper world, would hurt the secnav. I cannot imagine how bad it has become to serve even the USMC in uniform. They were famous for staunch back in my time. yes, I watched his video several times. I know who he is. Sadly, the creatures in the Pentagon don't know a damning indictment if it bit them really hard on their ass.


  1. The odd thing is looking at the letterhead. It is crooked, slanted, fucked up. One orders that stuff from a printer so how did that happen?

  2. With all the Flags selected by Obama, and the warriors weeded out, how could it be otherwise. But how it happened to the Marines is beyond me. The Navy, Army, an USAF are military forces, but the Marines are closer to being a religious order, with definite beliefs, ways, and Honor. If the Left has destroyed the Marines, we are doomed.

  3. And yet. This has been memory-holed. JSA