Thursday, August 26, 2021


Anybody who has been there could see it coming. Entry control is for dead men walking. Only Biden and Milley could screw it up enough to kill 12 American Marines at one blow.... give credit to the new Marine commanders. I'm sure they're as steeped in stupid and dumb as the new Army generals generated under the watchful eye of democrat dumdums. Seriously, did those idiots think that the afghan trait of suicide bombing was in abeyance? What kind of moron thinks that? Oh yeah Milley I know you do and so do your buttsisters that you picked for LTGEN and General.


Dave said...

Defiant, even a Navy guy should be able to see that there is more at play here than just plain ignorance or stupidity.

This is all just part of the plan to destroy our country.

HMS Defiant said...

watching the fall of the fbi and doj was hard. we have lost everything else, the media, the news, pentagon, the other departments. what the handful who remain ask themselves, 'is there anything worth saving?' and unfortunately, I think the answer is no.