Saturday, August 28, 2021


And it happens to be how I got to Memphis. It was love. Memphis is a truly horrible city. One would only go there out of love or, if touched, the music. Music touched me once and died. I went for the other reason. It was just as they decided to demolish the ghettos and fully integrate the city. Hideous crime exploded faster than you can even imagine. Overnight the once safe neighborhoods were gone. I've been wondering of late if what civilization has done is to unleash vicious out of control thugs in the vain effort to get the rest of us to man up. We kind of see how that plays out where a black lt of cops gets to shoot and kill a white women and the rest of us get the shitstorm of blm over the death of scumbag george floyd. So yea, I went to Memphis with a 2 year old looking to maybe buy into the place. It was never going to happen. Unlike her, I've lived in the South. She'd last about 10 seconds and she was a rabid republican. She was simply unable to conceal her contempt for everybody. That's really not the path to happiness and goodness. After flunking out of Texas, Portland, Olympia, she has found a new home in the whitest city in America.


Anonymous said...

In TN, we don't consider Memphis part of our state. It's East Arkansas, or North Mississippi.
I hated Great Mistakes, but I went to "A" school in Millington, and hated it about as much.
--Tennessee Budd

HMS Defiant said...

Yea, it’s a total stranger to paradise.