Monday, August 9, 2021


It seems that nobody is safe anymore from the clutches of 'the people.' In California it takes on the usual rule by decree. I can see that they have a drought but it is a desert climate and you get long dry spells in the desert or it wouldn't be a desert. Now that they've shut down the Oroville hydro-power station for want of water behind the damn they also need to steal the water from the farmers with the oldest rights and entitlement to the water. Again, in an exceptional year that might be doable with compensation but they aren't talking compensation. Nope.

The old Governor Brown and the men before him established enormous reservoirs behind manmade damns to capture vast amounts of water to slake the terrible thirst of the new cities springing up in the desert but they haven't built a new damn in generations even as the California population doubled. Well the eco-freaks won a war nobody else was fighting and gutted all work on retaining water runoff and storing it for times of decreased rain and snowfall. I'm sure they had the best intentions but it's important to remember that they don't actually care about people.

These are the people who claim to understand the environment best.

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capt fast said...

just as an aside, the Blue Mesa Reservoir in the Curecanti National Recreation Area in Colorado on the Gunnison River is being drained to satisfy the wants of those thirsty bastards in Californicatia. The drain will continue on upstream as time goes by. CA is like a giant toilet with His Fraudulence da bidddn's hand on the valve.