Friday, January 8, 2021


I am already sick to death of the hypocrites who run the party political in DC and the news pimps that follow them around lapping up every death defying denunciation of President Trump and of course, every single one of the bastards that voted for him in the last two elections. The yapsters don't seem to care that they have started to piss off the otherwise stayed and patient people who don't live woke lives and don't really care all that much about the pimps, poodles or black lives for that matter. After all, if none of them care that the murder rates in the democratic cities of America is skyrocketing as the blacks murder each other in new frenzies of hatred of other blacks, why should we care? The numbers are staggering and awful yet that never seems to make the news.

And now the secret to better living is to get on with it and go ahead and laugh out loud of the prospect of Biden, may he live forever and Harris in the White House being jammed up in everything they try to do by Pelosi and Schumer. I find it actually kind of wonderful that the democrats who firmly rejected Harris when she was running for president have essentially elected the least liked/favored/intelligent democratic presidential candidate. Gosh, won't they feel stupid when they wake up one day and find that she is running the country much the way she ran the state of California. They sure aren't very bright but then neither are their candidates.

I think we're about to find out how much damage a Republic can take before it turns into the Terror. I'm going to have to brush up on my reading on the history and events of the French Revolution and possibly what really happened to the Duma in Russia. History is often a guide for how things will progress given the same set of circumstances. It might also be instructive to read more on the Weimar period in Germany. I kind of skipped over that because I really didn't want to read how the Germans turned into ravening slathering beasts.


Old Woodpecker said...

It's going to be hilarious watching the Dems try to function without agonizing over Trump every moment 24/7. When their splinter groups realize no reparation is coming for their riots and rage, they will bite the hand that stroked them. They have no platform.. only hatred for one man. They will now consume each other.

SCOTTtheBADGER said...

They do have a unifying hate for everything that does not agree with their worldview. I am expecting an increase in violence by the Sturmabtielungen of the Democrats.