Wednesday, January 20, 2021


My plan to shed blood for others got derailed today despite the Red Cross sending me 4 messages on my phone over the last 3 days and actually calling me Monday evening to confirm for the fourth time that I would be at the appointment I set up to give blood in one of the nearby libraries. I conducted some business enroute to bleed for the cause and showed up a little early at the library to find an empty parking lot and locked building. I was a little concerned that this tiny hamlet had two libraries and perhaps I was at the wrong one but it turns out that while I was conducting business my phone was contacted by yet another minion of the Red Cross to inform me that somebody had shown up at the library positive with the dread virus and they had shut down and everybody went home.

All that planning and coordination for nothing.

But at least I didn't roust 25,000 National Guard soldiers out to stand idly about in the capital while other thousands of workers erected miles of steel fencing topped with razor wire in an effort to keep at bay the enormous crowds of loyal Biden voters who otherwise would have turned out to welcome their new masters to the White House. I watched the video of bison dimwit walking into the House chamber and saw that he was basically escorted by one of the capital police who didn't lift a finger to prevent him from making himself at home on Nancy's throne. I suspect that there won't be a trial since the truth will then all come out, just as it did with the pathetic first impeachment.
I will have to give some thought on how one donates blood in a worthwhile fashion in this time of madness and idiocy.


  1. ARC has not allowed me to donate blood since 1991. My wife and I were in the UK during he "Mad Cow" bit. Strange . Frustrating.

  2. I had the same issue for years but they have changed the questionnaire and UK dwelling is no longer an auto eject for potential donors.

  3. The Birthday Badger Sends Respectful Birthday Greetings!

  4. If they have the trail, Mr. Trump will get to defend himself, and they wouldn't want the evidence of fraud presented.