Wednesday, January 13, 2021


I wonder what part they view as the failure. They sure seem not to recognize inconsistancy when they see it or not as happens in most cases with these idiots. From our good friends at Forbes, again:

Honestly don't you think if the mask actually worked that those democratic dimwits wearing face masks would have been safe from the Wuhan Flu? Did they maintain their six feet of separation or did they cluster and clutch each other like frightened children? If 3 dimwits of the Socialist Party caught the virus, what about the unmasked Rethuglicans? Did they catch the virus too?

I'm sure it won't/doesn't matter but it will be fascinating, as usual, to see the dimwits propose and pass a law and then selectively enforce it against their enemies and never against themselves or their allies.


boron said...

these aren't masks, these are diapers
and I can understand the Democrats requesting the rest of their contingent to wear one

bart simpsonson said...

The Dimwitrats and at least some of the Republirats are not requesting the rest of their contingent to wear one. They want everyone everywhere to wear one. All the time. Except when THEY don't want to. Like when they think no one is looking. I don't want to wear one if there is any way to not do it. wherever I am. It prevents NOTHING. Nothing useful anyhow.....