Monday, January 11, 2021


We learned about KISS as young managers and leaders. We stopped saying it aloud once we understood just how it worked. Keep it Simple Stupid was one of the easiest steps of managing projects.

I watch the paralyzing conniptions Cuomo is putting New York through to get the vaccine and just laugh. Those idiots keep voting for idiots like him and Blasio to fail to get the job done while raking in millions of dollars in bribes donations.


ruralcounsel said...

They're like ticks, deeply embedded in the taxpayer. From the local level all the way to the national level, these parasitic politicians have found a way to feed off of us all while accomplishing nothing good for us. And man do they fight back when you try to pull them out!

Tsquared said...

UAE, Go to a clinic. Give a Pakistani doctor $20 cash on top of the clinic's charge and he will write any prescription you want.