Monday, December 14, 2020


They were fine for us to live on and eat and breath but you knew the koreans were going to pitch a snit when we turned the land back over to them to use as they like. They had a ready made press army to declare them all toxic waste dumps and never mind that Americans lived there for decades without harm. This puts me back in mind of the 10,000 pound anchor and chain and would to see it shoved so far up their ass it's not funny. OTGH, they are a nation of wankers. You really have no idea what lost is until you find yourself driving around a city of 35 million people lost. There are no slums, no bad neighborhoods; its a city that goes on forever. Yongsong main post, in a nice world would remain a park. Seoul needs one. So does Pusan. I can't speak for the northern bases since I never had cause to go there except to the one sharing a border with the Norks.

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