Monday, December 21, 2020


There's actually 3 if my allows me this. In my school I could borrow a casette player, borrow the tape from the library and listen to this as I studied. This again was music I sturred to. Sort of like LOVE ACTUALLY, one can't help being driven to move by the music. Last one for the week I pinkie swear. I uaed to wade through the snow at the damned Newport Naval Base where the Base commander would shut down everything on snow days. No driving allowed on base. All entrances were over bridges and NO DRIVING. There are no dining facilities on the base which meant one had to walk off in the heavy snow and back through the damned snow if one wanted to eat. Thank you Mama Leones and even HOJO's restaurant right out the back gate. If the base CO was keen to encourage us students to have a terrible urge to kill, he succeeded beyond his wildest dreams. Probably a good thing for him that housing was located in Brenton Village. RX7s are just like VWjettas in the snow and ice. He probably knew that and thought he was safe. I had a brand new Walkman. I walked. I'm listening now to one of the two songs that I liked. When I'm done with Ode to Joy I'll cue up Paris is Calling. Born in Germany but I still like making up the words as they sing songs in a language I don't know as they play Ode to Joy. 60 years and it still hasn't gotten old.

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SCOTTtheBADGER said...

I have to Listen to Ode to Joy several times a year. It is such a proper piece of music!