Friday, December 18, 2020


The land is deep in snow but I saw my clubs on the floor of my closet and I have never struck a ball here in metroparkcentralis. It feels like 10 years. I remember at the close of the work/golfing day we used to hit the 17th tee at utter darkness. We still drove off thinking that somewhere, in the middle of the fairway, we would find our golf balls. Read that how you please. I had mastered the 3 wood but not so much the 1. My shots mostly landed in the forest there at the 18th hole at Admiral Baker Field. There simply isn't room across the street even for a strabbling shot with a wood. I'll have to infiltate the country clubs around here and have a lash at it. What with them being covered in snow, I can probably do it unless I wear a red coat. The marshall would probably notice that.

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