Friday, December 11, 2020


A while back I had the pleasure of having my port wing mirror knocked to pieces and destroyed when my sister backed into it in her car. I did for the starboard wing mirror by brushing against a really substantial plant alongside our driveway. There I was without port or starboard wings. I went to the auto body shop recommended by the one I love and there I found a man who was older than I and I'm not sure if he could actually read any of the dozens of hugely thick automotive parts books surrounding him in his dark dismal office. He quoted me a price of $399.00 for the port mirror and $500.00 for the starboard mirror. I thanked him and left.

About a year later, in the summer, I elected to go online and buy the mirrors myself from Amazon iirc. It came to $19.99 for two mirrors and they are the full original kit. VW would be proud of them. On an otherwise lazy summer afternoon I pulled the door panels off and replaced the mirrors. My car instantly went from a value of $19.99 to at least $609.00. I don't care. It's has a six cylinder engine, accelerates like a bat out of hell, has a sun roof, doesn't leak, doesn't sink, can't handle snow or ice at all but I still like it. It still has the sold in Redwood City license plate holder, CA plates and yes,sand from Del Mar is still sliding around in the trunk and back seat. I didn't buy it but I was there when it was bought. The salesmen there couldn't help themselves and all of them came up to me to ask if everything was OK. I kept pointing to the person buying the car but they remained about as clueless as it was possible to get in 2001.

Oddly enough, the person that bought this car has gone through 8 cars in the last 20 years. If only she had known what a wonderment she left me.....

It is no match for the car I sold in order to buy the last car but it is still a nice piece of gear even if one does have to turn it upside down in order to add transmission fluid to it. Damned Germans. Only they would find it practical to build an engine that needs to have a special pump for adding transmission fluid since it only loads from beneath the engine. You can see me there in Pennsylvania, at the gas station, brand new tranny fluid container in my hand and looking hi and lo for the damned add transmission fluid to engine knob.....It isn't even mentioned in the owner's manual.

So, fix the door and check the oil in the morning.

Try this one for reading enjoyment. I liked it. If you like it, it continues in 'Tracking' but you'll probably have to ask me to send it to you. It was never published or vanished soon after.


Anonymous said...

My 1st car was inherited from my Dad, a 1966 VW Bug. Last year with the six volt battery (birthday candles for headlights), it was a joy to work on. Simply open the hood and the engine was literally in your face.

Three dials on the dashboard, the speedometer had a battery and brake fluid light on bottom and that was it. Gas gauge in center, a hazard light, window wiper controls and headlight pull controls. Heater was in center near parking brake and after car would warm up threatened to melt your tennis shoe soles.

Power nothing, no A/C either. Damn good car, reliable as hell.

Brig said...

I like ol clunkers that you can actually work on yourself. I never wanted to get rid of my ol ford, I don't think she wanted that to happen either. Sadly, shortly after I sold her, she died in a fiery crash.

HMS Defiant said...

We were a ford family. One after another. My father, the head of the large calibre labs drove the old ford fairlane to work one morning and called home for a ride home since it wouldn't start. It stayed there in the parking slot reserved for the head of the large calibre labs for months while the chevy chevettes ruled New Jersey. Finally, his deputy came to the house and asked to buy the car. He was willing to go to $600.00 but agreed to knock $30.00 off for skillfull bargaining. My dad worked with some amazing all rounders. Scientists, scholars, warriors and soldiers.

HMS Defiant said...

I can't actually sell my ancient wagon since the x never responded with the pink slip after the judge awarded her the girl and me the car. It still has CA plates because, as the non-owner I can't even get local plates. I'm kind of looking forward to it leaving the scene of the crime and the cops chasing her down. Which won't happen. Still, she's had 3 cars catch fire and burn to a crisp. I'm kinda happy I am no longer the one supporting her car habit.

Anonymous said...

Tracking is available at Amazon on Kindle and Paperback - as good a read as Emergence.