Tuesday, December 22, 2020


I usually get along OK with it. I'm used to Amazon sending me crap Chinese parts for my Apple products. One does mostly get what one pays for. From here where I'm sitting I can see the books I've written and the dead beast. To be honest the dead beast has no external wounds and I kind of hate Apple for that. I went and bought one identical online. I think one does that when one truly hates the beast.

My learned friend tamed the beast. Right away in fact. It happened the first night I met Lex and the gang at the Shakespeares Pub. Win Win. Me and Lex used to pass each other on the 5 on our various ways to work in the morning. Navy gets an ugly early start. We learned from December 7. There's not a single naval unit in port in America that can fire a gun at attacking aircraft. And no, missiles are a complete nonstarter. We......remediated that sort of thing. Aint radar a wonderment.

A little girl and I helped each other and managed to send off the last laptop to laptop and computer graveyard which is currently about 7 feet from me. It's still there because even though I think the Apple store tech thoroughly demolished it, it doesn't take up much room, no power, costs nothing etc. They got away with it.

As I gear up to cross the next Ginunga Gap (James Blish) I still hate the feeling that a salesman suckered me. The computer I use is almost 20 years old and you don't even want to think about how much coal it takes to stoke the old one that is still walking Windows 7 down the internet highway because it cannot be updated. That one still has a working CD drive. I'm gonna drop test this one and see if it restores operation to my laser optical read drive.

If you still haven't read THE MARTIAN or seen the movie, why not?

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OldAFSarge said...

Book first, then movie. Enjoyed both immensely.