Saturday, December 19, 2020


There was nothing good about the Jeffrey Epstein murder at the hands of the department of justice and New York. It remains amazing to me that people simply accept the screwed up notion that "somehow that tape went missing." OTGH, it's not like NASA did a better job. They actually wiped all the tapes of American's on the moon and had to resort to the internet to get some images back. What maniac at NASA ordered the tapes wiped? We'll never know. OTH, my sister, an Air Force captain once worked in the high energy physics labs in New Mexico where the CO of the lab order the removal and destruction of millions of dollars of lab equipment because it was cluttering his environment and he needed loading dock space for something far more important. We'll never know what he was thinking but it does bear thinking about because we really need to end that mindset in our public servants and employees. Real companies refrain from such madness but I'm not convinced it will stay that way. One of the stories I heard working at large defense contractor was how the scientists sent a ton of seafood they collected back to the office where it sat on the loading dock and disintegrated. AGAIN, OTGH, I remember the idiots in New Orleans sent me automatic weapons that were simply dumped in the parking lot because they were unexpected and hadn't been shipped armory to armory. Sometimes the stupid leaves you amazed. They sat out there for a week before somebody finally took delivery and opened the crates.

I'm wondering how President Trump is going to handle the disaster this nation launched with the election of a senile doddering imbecile who never did anything in his lifetime. I honestly don't know if he will abide or counterattack the obvious fraud that went on during the election.


boron said...

I pray to G-d "they" will let him handle the disaster.

HMS Defiant said...

I write certain things mindful of the Stasi who are always looking. I always have because I'm American, a patriot, a proud warrior and yet now I write with the conviction that the Stasi are reading and may visit my house.
This was once a mostly free country if you discount the slaves, indians, latinos etc. Like France or Britain it was lifted to heights unseen in history by the men who made it. I suspect I read to much history by Thucydides late at night when I should be sleeping. Rereading A Small Colonial War by Frezza hasn't helped in that regard.