Tuesday, March 10, 2020


The worst kind of morons and idiots
....ignore the facts that cops more heavily patrol poor and minority neighborhoods and actively look for people to arrest; 
I remember fielding a call from 3rd Fleet asking if we could spare a couple hundred security people to send to Olympia where they were loading the 7th Division's stuff to send it to the Middle East. We had the people but when I asked the boss he told me to tell them no. He wasn't going to send armed sailors to get between idiots and other stupid things.

 He had a point. We trained them to be soldiers not police and there is a difference. I see the police in all kinds of terrible riots and outrages and they rarely, almost never decide to use cannons on the people as Napoleon did with the mob in Paris. Still, I will always smile and point out the cannons sitting quietly and peacefully in every town square in middle America. It's really hard not to notice that these little towns don't have mobs, rioters, looters and daily shootings. Artillery make a difference.

I think it was a NYT reporter that opined on how whenever the streets of the city were wet, it rained. So, do the police cause crime and poverty? Some stupid people wonder.


capt fast said...

artillery always brings dignity to what would otherwise be an vulgar brawl. stop and frisk usually removes weapons from those who aren't authorized to have them, the underaged, the criminals, the underaged criminals, what have you. Police presence has a calming effect on those with excitable minds who are not mindful of the rights of others.

HMS Defiant said...

I enjoyed Snowcrash by Neal Stephenson where one of his larger characters had PIC tattood on his forehead so anybody meeting him would know he has poor impulse control. You could say that about a lot of people but for many of them the tat wouldn't show up all that well.

capt fast said...

I am quite sure that in our youth-that time in our lives when we were almost all PIC brigade members-we all had our "hold my beer" moments. surprising how little alcohol it takes to make a reasonably intelligent guy with some skills momentarily stupid.