Friday, March 20, 2020


My former MPA gave me the cook's tour of this ship. He was a turret captain at the time. I was still a mere CHENG.


Paul L. Quandt said...

My only real beef with the way my father behaved towards me when I was living in his house, is that he refused to allow me to go on a school field trip to go aboard the USS Missouri on the grounds that I had gotten a tour of a DD some months before. This was when we were in Italy in the mid '50s. He was the CO/base commander of an USAF AC&W squadron and bent over backwards to make sure my brother and I did not receive any special privileges/considerations. That is a lasting memory with me, but when I told him about it many years later, he had no memory of that at all.

Thank you for providing an opportunity for me to vent on this long lasting issue and thanks for the post.

Paul L. Quandt

SCOTTtheBADGER said...

Sister to The Big Badger Boat!

capt fast said...

all the big ships of the surface fleet had an opportunity to try and dig new passages and channels in the shallows around the ports they used. reviewed some of the wiki knowledge-for what degree of fact there is in wiki knowledge- on vessel grounding and found that several battleships had a propensity for grounding. one would have thought that a pilot familiar with the area would have saved much embarrassment in many instances. but then the canoe club members egos would never have allowed that to ever happen... surprised it took some captains such a long time to fess up to the investigating boards and accept responsibility for their subordinates actions.

HMS Defiant said...

Anytime. My father was up there in the Army hierarchy and always made sure that there was no hint of nepotism in our dealings with the various organizations on each base we were at. Didn't stop us from applying for things but I wondered sometimes.