Saturday, February 22, 2020


"I think NDAs are a way for people to hide bad things they've done," Warren said. "And I think that women should be able to speak. They need to be released from NDAs."

All NDAs hide bad things. Free them all not just the ones you think will advance your campaign.

I'm willing to bet .40 cents that Warren has some NDAs in her background.


SCOTTtheBADGER said...

I suspect that you are correct.

Roy said...

Acronyms, people. Acronyms.

It took me more than a minute to figure out that "NDA" meant "Non Disclosure Agreement". Spell it out at least once and there will be no confusion.

capt fast said...

warren surely has NDAs involving embarrassing moments in hiring by certain universities let alone some of her more grotesque political moments.

Unknown said...

I am still subject to a seven page NDA dated from 2012. Nothing bad or sinister there at all. It is to protect intellectual property which someone paid a lot of money to develop. I support them in not wanting to disclose that information. Do ya think that clam will ever shut her pie hole?

HMS Defiant said...

my bad. I tend to think my readers all share my background and history. Now thatI think about it, a lot of them never came within the reach of the shady tree that used NDAs.
In my past it wasn't the military it was SAIC and we had access to a lot of proprietary information they didn't want us sharing as we bid with them for government business. We had one little tiny office with a 4 drawer safe of classified ocean data from the 60s that we kept using well into the 90s. I was, for my sins the classified guy for the company and every time I looked at those reams of obsolete ocean bathythermiograms my head took to aching. Yeah it was 80000 xbts of data filed in hard copy. from the 1960s! I told them they could real time data on the other side of the net if they drove over to SPAWAR and downloaded it on a freaking disc.

I was what I am and mostly the guy I shared this with was sitting on an inflatable donut. Whenever I think about this I'm right back in seventh grade reading Pepys biography and all I remember about the man is his bowel movements.

I've been gone for 10 years now. I have no doubt at all that that crap is still in the safe and idiots still go to it as source data for their programs and algorithms. .....which, if you think about it explains the parlous state of our ASW and the gurus in the Pentagon who think that kind of thing is still secret and viable now. It was XBT data. We used to drop one daily on the sweep for an analytical method to tell the guys with brass on their hats that this was not a day conducive to minesweeping if we meant to use the ships more than once. Sonar condition checks were done every morning waiting for the gasp. The killer comes with the afternoon effects. It doesn't matter at all what the sonar conditions are at 0600 when you are in the field all day. Knowing you seawater injection temps are over a 100 degrees? That was nice and you could see the jellyfish all the way down.

HMS Defiant said...

Nothing will.

I am honor bound still by several NDAs I signed. And of course what I know of our secrets. 3 time communications security manager. I was in Plans for years before I was ever in Ops. I have lately come around to accept that what our OPS do is not only provocative but necessary. It allows our neighbors to see what's under the hood. With just a glimpse they take themselves off the market for world.

Roy said...

Well. Okay then.

As an ex sonarman myself I actually understood all of that.

Of course as an STS, we didn't need any XBT's because we had the BQH which gave us the data in real time. We could just do a DD just before coming to PD, and we had the plot. If after popping #1 out of the briny, we happened upon the mighty battle-sweep Defiant, we could duck back down under the DSL and HWP.

Roy said...

STS - Sonar Technician Submarines
XBT - Expendable BathyThermagraph (Measures water temperature at depth by dropping an expendable measuring head into the deep.)
BQH - AN/BQH-1, a device that measures the actual speed of sound in water at both sail and keel depth.
DD - Deep Dive
PD - Periscope Depth
#1 - Periscope
DSL - Deep Scattering Layer
HWP - Hide With Pride

HMS Defiant said...

I once was, for all intents and purposes, the weapons officer on a Spruance Class destroyer. One purposed by the powers as one of our very best ASW assets and deployed to really really find and track the Soviet Unions very best submarines in the Pacific. We were looking for their boomers and sometimes found them and their escorts and I never heard of a Deep Scattering Layer.

Don't feel that you have to answer. As I was saying in the post most of that stuff still remains classified.

HMS Defiant said...

DSL was probably what us surface guys simply called the layer. I never heard the desriptives before since submarines were pretty much safe from destroyers below the layer and we only rarely put a towed array that deep. We did, but rarely because it really limited the hell out of your speed with an array that deep if you didn't want to destroy the nodules. When I worked at SPAWAR in the beginning we were sharing an office with SURTASS and FDS. As soon as SPAWAR got a new boss they were all swept behind the green door. My boss up till he retired had picture of the NYT front page article that let the cat out of the bag to the Russians that we could sit on the beach and track all their submarines. Broadband and Narrowband were the same thing to us. We could see em.

Paul L. Quandt said...

Speaking of secrets, is it still a secret and classified information if a four star writes about it in his book? Inquiring minds want to know.

Thanks for the post.
Paul L. Quandt

HMS Defiant said...

sometimes you let the cat out of the bag and let them know it isn't really a cat at all. Reagan did it. The dirtbags did it. No war. What they saw was terrifying. It works from time to time.