Monday, February 17, 2020


Back when I was nought but an OC we would get about 15 minutes after lunch to get haircuts and hit the little mini-exchange under Nimitz Hall at Newport. We were always there just in time to hear Paul Harvey with his Rest of the Story. I hadn't heard his voice in 30 years when I went over to this place new to me and right there was this,


SCOTTtheBADGER said...

My Mom's folks were farmers. They probably would have looked askance at me, as I prefer John Deere to Case. Grampa Lind told me that he knew Deere makes a perfectly decent tractor, but he could not understand how anyone could spend 12 hours on a two cylinder John Deere, and stay sane.

HMS Defiant said...

When my grandfather finally retired his kids told him to buy a small place in the country and maybe garden. He bought a small place in the country, a couple acres, bought another tractor and began to farm. His kids were a little surprised that the 89 year old doctor had glommed onto a second life as a farmer. His grandkids were amazed at how many vegetables one could squeeze out of the ground outside of Carlisle.