Thursday, February 6, 2020


We know why democrats always hire incompetent computer programmers and start-ups run by their friends and political allies as they try to implement various imperial directives but I would have thought at some point, since it inevitably results in a miserable failure, why do they keep on doing it?

I liked this from the link.

“I’m going to try and download every movie ever made, and you’re going to try to sign up for Obamacare, and we’ll see which happens first” – Jon Stewart challenging Kathleen Sebelius (former Secretary of Health and Human Services) to a race.


  1. Some many years ago, I had the opportunity of dealing with contractor groups doing some work on airborne systems test equipment for an airborne surveillance and control system. it was a fixed cost program, had well documented limited goals and requirements, and in the end, all were happy with the results and profitable for the contractor.
    working with other contractors with not so well defined goals and requirements turned into major boondoggles for the consumer and taxpayer with equipment loaded with unwanted bells and whistles and unusable features.
    seems to me the having well defined goals and requirements and a definite idea what a guy would be willing to pay is key to not getting screwed with systems that don't work and having losers and inept boobs working for and fighting against you. also, having a cousin five times removed and/or lawyers involved is a failure point to avoid unless proven otherwise.
    a major point of contention occurs when a politician pokes their smelly head into the process because they can smell pork needing to be divided up amongst friends and relatives. at that point, no matter what, your screwed. that's why I learned to love black programs.

    1. I was the guy sitting with the contracting officer writing the specs for a black program. The PM and Sys Eng made it to about ⅓ of the meetings so it was a lot of work and I thought we delivered a well crafted, reasonable and precise definition of what we expected for the limited rfp. We then got a new PM who was a total idiot and used one little reference to human factor engineering to just about double the cost of the initial article which met every spec perfectly. HFE was used a reference but the language in the spec was "as applies to the equipment operating temperatures in an environmental range of x to x + 120. She kept insisting that the contractor meet HFE to get the overall system temp down to those limits. Needless to say she had zero engineering or program management experience.

    2. as I recalled, sometimes ya just want to cry/scream/reload.

    3. yep. We got her because they made her husband PD18 and they have been moved behind the green door. Sucked.