Saturday, February 22, 2020


They were copied from the Royal Navy and I lived with them. No religion, no politics, no talk about wives. Bernie is going to be the democrat candidate!!!!? OK, now I'm going around knocking on doors and suggesting people here vote for Donald Trump. Yah, all them are foul candidates but srsly, people voted for Bernie? He's an avowed communist.


Doug Hornby said...

Most of those that think they will get free stuff will vote for Bernie. Those that know what socialism is, will not. Education is the answer, but how do you get those with closed minds to teach those with open ones?

HMS Defiant said...

One can't. We literally lost the schools to the communists. There would have to be whole sale firings of teachers and we made that impossible. The only ones they fire are conservatives. They don't even fire the sex predators. They know about them but they are like the English police and don't care.

Unknown said...

Real learning occurs outside of the schools. No, I don't mean the playground after 3pm, although there are some good lessons learnt.

I engage people most every day in casual settings. I don't care what they say, I already know what they are likely to parrot as 'facts'. I only supply facts which they must consider. More than a few times I have seen the light go on in their feeble minds.

I'm not there to have a conversation, I do not want to hear what they have to say. I drop truth bombs and watch their reaction. If it seems someone is home in their little nut of a brain I will probably continue with the bombardment. Of course the prerequisite is being knowledgeable yourself. But for anyone over, say age 50 they already possess that knowledge.

Oh, and I may engage in a bit of shaming them for thinking socialism is cool. It is most definitely not cool. I would not care except that they are in my boat/my country.

HMS Defiant said...

I live with a woman I deeply love. As my parents shuttered things they let her see their collection of my school reports. She got to see that I educated myself with very little help from any of the 8 schools I attended. I took the SAT twice. I was unbelievably young and ingenuous and tried to improve my score in order to get into Annapolis. Not how it works. I would have lasted about a week there anyway. Still, I used to sail against them for years and as I recall they were all pricks. 30 years in the Fleets did little to nothing to change my mind.