Sunday, February 16, 2020


This idiotic game we've been playing along with is just about over. Letting men compete against girls and declaring them all girls is one of the stupider things I've encountered over the last 58 years. It's right up there with letting perverts who identify as women into the girls locker room and restrooms. Finally, they are fighting back.

That a concept so idiotic on its face must be referred to the Courts is a sad commentary on the state of the American political class. They caved into the zealot 2% and let them run roughshod over the rights of girls and women because...... Because what dammit! We used to have perfectly good terms for boys that wanted to be girls. We called them cross dressers and fags. Either was descriptive and accurate and neither intruded on the rights of actual girls or women.

I used to fly with my little girl and it was with little trepidation that I sent her off into the ladies room at the airports because I had no fear any harm could come to her there. I'm not sure how that works for single dads anymore. I can't even imagine how it works in high school locker rooms.

If there is any justice the courts will sort it out properly and it will open the door for thousands of women everywhere to sue the schools and other polities for damages.

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