Tuesday, February 4, 2020


Captured live as Pelosi stands behind President Trump and rips up her copy of the State of the Union speech.

Classless and basically a statement that she doesn't believe in the things discussed in the speech. I think it was a very stupid thing to do at that moment.

All the democrats had to do to win was not act crazy. The shenanigans in Iowa are showing that they can't even pull it together enough to actually run a vote on their home turf without screwing it up. OTOH I think the few sane ones remaining know they have no hope of winning in the Fall with Sanders as their candidate and are willing to do any kind of low underhanded thing to make sure he doesn't get the Party nomination.


SCOTTtheBADGER said...

Nancy Pelosi is either alcohol addled, or demented. In either case, she is a truly evil woman

Murphy(AZ) said...

Nancy Pelosi: all the class of a hog wallow on a hot summer afternoon.

capt fast said...

I have a Kennedy Democrat for a neighbor. she is really pissed off at the DNC for some time now; tells me she has been on a slow burn since the clinton era. this morning, we said hello. She just told me she was going down to the clerks office to change her affiliation to independent. She was a dedicated democrat for many years, at heart I believe she still is dedicated to democrat principles she learned in the 1960's. She just cannot stomach the scum running the DNC today and tells me it is no longer her party.
a guy would wonder just how many more people like her were lost to the DNC last night and today. I do not particularly care for a billionaire politician running the nation but the evidence is pretty much in that at least this one is getting it done. I am looking at VP Pence as an old school politician in training to the next level represented by Trump.

HMS Defiant said...

She has the arrogance of one who knows they're 2nd in line to the thrown and the stupidity to think she push out the two in front of her. Plus there is something about California bay area democratic politicians; they all think they are not answerable or beholden to anyone.

HMS Defiant said...

I would grant that she is much worse.

HMS Defiant said...

I actually watched the SOTU and found it interesting and enjoyable. Touching moments, an outline on the progress made to date and an introduction to the plans for the future. You might drop a note with your neighbor and ask her to look over all the future legislation he wants to pass and ask her if this does not sound like Kennedy, Johnson or Clinton. That was what I saw as the problem. "Liberal" took on a new meaning after Nixon and with it the people started believing that it was the Democrats that ended slavery, that the politicians in the South running the Jim Crow states and smashing the Civil Rights marchers were Republican and that Martin Luther King jr was a Democrat. That got it all twisted around and it's impossible to convince of the simple truths they could find simply by reading history books from before 1980.

capt fast said...

pretty had that overthefence discussion over coffee yesterday when it was 74 degrees here in denvermetroass. I am waiting to touch base with her on the Trump post impeachment trial prayer breakfast and other meetings and what was said. she did comment before that she wished POTUS would slam those who were chasing him-which he did rather well this day-and call it as he sees it. And he did.
I think democrats were finally defined as to what they truly are today with the 1968 convention in chicago. the level of political centralized control practiced by the DNC was astonishing. CPD couldn't wait to go beat on hippies was the narrative I recall.
I see the cognitive dissonance of todays center and right democrat is not going to resolved by anyone but themselves opening their minds to reality. some can see it but do not believe what they see.
the leftist/socialist/communist/marxist/demigod following true believers are gone over the cliff and unretrievable.