Friday, February 14, 2020


Our buddies in the 5 eyes have been getting staked by the enemy. Yes the enemy is a befuddled mass of incompetent slackers and boobs but they have the power and they appear eager to use it to silence dissent at any price.
The nation’s newspapers are owned by a small group of people and companies. Many of the major television and radio stations are under charter with the U.K. government. Book publishing companies are too afraid to publish a single word that goes against the progressive orthodoxy. The ability to congregate and hold rallies is tightly controlled by government bodies. And now, the last realm of freedom, the last place in which like-minded souls can exchange ideas, learn, and express themselves to their fullest is about to fall under the Orwellian control of an agency that will not even be accountable to the government itself.
The Ministry of Truth is here.
What Orwell predicted so long ago in his novel 1984 has come to pass. Britain has long been without any sort of real legal justice system and how they justify giving Scots free medicine, free college educations, free dentistry and gouging the English for all that is something I've never understood. But now they've decided that an Englishman will do best by holding his tongue and not waving any fingers over any keyboards lest he/she set off the Ministry of Truth and get sentenced to the gulag.

The English aren't alone in this. New Zealand quietly slipped into socialism decades ago and never re-emerged. Their latest gambit grabbing guns is just one tentacle of the liberal beast that rules the kiwis and Oz is perhaps even worse off. Canada started going down the drain when they got their Star Chambers to indict Steyn on speech issues. I can't say America is any better since his case against Mann has been locked up in the DC courts for something like 7 years now with no resolution in sight.

I'm waiting for the tech denizens of the deep to surface briefly and invite all the socialists to bite them before heading once more into the deep. Srsly, you're Bezos or the Google and some European polity or all of them via the EU tells you to play by their rules or else....... I'm pretty sure I'd invite them to the World. If you don't like what netizens are doing online with my stuff feel free to snuff it within your borders but don't bother to ask me to snuff it for you. "You don't pay me enough to care what you want or legislate in your little banana republic."

Who in the opening days of the 21st century thought we'd be referring to European countries as banana republics?


  1. Alas thank to the Left, and a spineless right, that is exactly what they have become.

    1. And going downhill fast except the new members from east of the Iron Curtain.