Thursday, March 29, 2018


We actually watched that on West Wing. For me? I dug out the journals, found the last one and wrote in it just now. I had to make an important note. I have 4 of those books. They cover 1984 through 1999. Tonight was the first entry since 2016 and before that the entries ended in 1999. It's funny. That predates 9/11 and getting married and a daughter and getting not married. One would almost think making a note was important. On the gripping hand, some things are remembered.

The last thing I would do at night was write in those books but after I got back from the Persian Gulf I stopped. I need to write more. To a little girl and a man I never ever thought of us as the old man.

We went to an Estate Sale. We go to see the houses and I go to read the books. I regret leaving one book to the book whore of metroparkcentralis. It was the lady's diary and she talked about meeting her friends and neighbors when they took a steamship to Paris and they bumped into each other. One almost can't do that anymore. I was standing there in the bedroom reading a day from 1963. If you write it down accurately, it happened and the instant can be recalled by the reader.

I am, at the end, a man who reads history. Close readers may have noticed.

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