Saturday, March 17, 2018


I recall a noted professor addressing the Naval War College at one of the 'meet the speaker' events. He was also a professor at the Naval War College and took a certain amount of gentle and amusing heckling as he was introduced. One wag in the audience, a Marine LtCol, shared how long and boring the professor's latest book was and what a pain it was to read.

The professor paused to look at the Marine and said he was surprised that the officer read the whole thing and asked, "didn't your lips get tired?"

All this in note of President Trump misspelling Corps in a twit and Marines reacting like somebody stabbed them in the eye. I was wondering to myself and I didn't know that many Marines could read...
And then there was the last Commander-in-Chief who thought it was pronounced corpse. The core of the Marine Corps is making corpses of our enemies. There. Fixed it.

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