Tuesday, March 27, 2018


I believe that one has to have a personal relationship to really climb the summit of hate and rage.These days if one writes anything it lasts forever. I'm sure there are quite a few people roaming the planet and muttering please please please hit the internet with a nuclear weapon and EMP blast that will wipe out the words I just wrote. Not me. OTOH, there are two days missing out of my journal because I decided I didn't want that documented and ripped it out a few months later. I can't recall what it was, which I find humorous.

Memory isn't a weapon and nobody should treat it so. If I let them, my right hand fingers can still dial the phone numbers for Mine Group ONE in Seattle everytime they get near the phone. I called them a lot and usually at times of great stress. I called them almost everyday and told them that I was ready willing and able to report aboard any mine sweeper in the Persian Gulf in any job and they explained as how there was a long line ahead of me and to wait my turn.

I remember a man, he was a brother, who went around the house and kicked in every single window. He wasn't shy or bashful and when I asked what the hell he was doing he told me. His girlfriend had made a decision and taken action without informing him. It was a matter of life and death. Since the child was his, he thought he should have been consulted. She was a pretty blue eyed blonde who played first violin in the orchestra and I never laid eyes on her again.

That was the first time I saw literal rage and hate. I am sure that if I give it another hour or two the feeling will pass. I hate dealing with evil and there is no other name for it but evil.

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