Thursday, March 8, 2018


We've been watching a few movies at home recently. Last night we watched Oceans 11 (2001) and a few days before that we watched 2 Weeks Notice (2002).  (see the numbers theme?) Anyway, what struck us in both movies was the appearance of the Donald. Trump makes a cameo as himself in Two Weeks Notice and actually has dialog with Hugh Grant. In Oceans we see the HUUGGE TRUMP marquee on the casino in the background while some of the robbers are discussing their plans.

I wonder how many other Trump movie appearances there are in filmland. I'm sure I could google it but why bother, they'd only blame it on Harvey.


juvat said...

Home alone 2 has one of him in the Hotel giving direction to Macauley Culkin

HMS Defiant said...

He obviously got around before running for president. I have to wonder how much of it was positioning because he has name recognition on par with any of the 4 top rank politicians. I wonder how long he was thinking about running from left field.